New trading style for ground-breaking neurorehabilitation centre

A ground-breaking neurorehabilitation centre has marked its first anniversary with a new trading style to focus more heavily on its clinical expertise.

Calvert Reconnections will now simply be known as Reconnections, with the strapline Neurorehabilitation Without Boundaries.

Explaining the repositioning of the brand, Claire Appleton, Head of Service at Reconnections said:

“We are proud to be part of the Lake District Calvert Trust. It gives us a really strong pedigree with over 40 years of working with disabilities, safely and successfully, in the outdoors. However, the time has come for some clear separation in terms of the Reconnections brand.

“Having held a number of focus groups with key clients and referrers, including brain injury case managers and solicitors, it is clear that that the Calvert brand is strongly associated with short-term, activity breaks.

“Reconnections is totally different.

“We are a clinically led neurorehabilitation service. Our clinical expertise compares favourably with any unit in the country, while the unique nature of our programme delivers life-changing neurorehabilitation for people with post-acute ABI.”

Reconnections’ clinical team includes Neuro Occupational Therapists, Neuro Physiotherapists, Neuro Speech and Language Therapists and Neuro Psychologists.

Continued Claire:

“Our participants, their families if appropriate, and our clinical therapy team work together to establish goals which address a range of areas including physical rehabilitation, mental wellbeing, and cognitive communication; all with the aim of maximising function.

“Each goal is led by the participant to ensure maximum engagement and progress.

“The process then feeds into the development of a personalised rehabilitation plan using a combination of functional and outdoor activities, uniquely integrated with clinical therapy. We use the wonderful outdoor environment of the Lake District as a unique way to deliver parts of our programme.”

Reconnections has recently released its first evidence-based outcomes review.

To date, duration of participant stay has varied, some for just 6 weeks, and others for as long as 24 weeks. On average the length of stay has been 13 weeks.

Analysis of participants’ outcomes to date, indicate:

– 100% improved their ability to carry out everyday activities.
– 100% needed less support when they were discharged and 60% have
progressed onto independent living.
– 100% reported an improved hope for the future and an improved sense of purpose and direction in their life.
– 90% achieved their goals.
– 80% felt more empowered through greater participation and control over decisions that affect their lives.

The brain injury community is also responding positively to Reconnections’ ground-breaking approach to neurorehabilitation.

After a recent visit to the centre, Eleanor Tallon, Case Manager at Social Return Case Management said:

“It was a beautiful day and really valuable to learn first-hand about both the cognitive and physical benefits of active rehab based in such a therapeutic setting. Reconnections really places the person as a co-producing participant and inspires them to be the leader rather than a passive receiver, and the value of that is immeasurable.”

Reconnections is currently taking referrals. For further details please contact Claire Appleton.