Brain injury survivor draws strength from the power of art

A young man is drawing strength from the power of sequential-art as he continues his recovery from brain injury.

Sequential-art is a form of art where the content is presented in a series of artistic items positioned in a specific order to convey its message or effect, such as a comic strip.

Joseph, an art student, discovered comic books properly in 2017, around the same time he was regaining consciousness after his brain injury.

Joseph shared his comic, which charts his journey after a “not so small brain injury” in 2016, with staff and participants during his recent stay at neuro-rehabilitation centre Calvert Reconnections.

In one extract, he explains how he struggles with his sense of time and, after making a bowl of porridge, can’t recall whether it was ““twenty minutes of twenty years ago”.

Joseph explains how, at times, he feels like “a passive observer” in his life but is using art to “move on”.

Commenting on Joseph’s progress, Claire Appleton, Head of Service at Calvert Reconnections said:

“Joseph is an inspirational young man who is making huge progress in his recovery from brain injury.

“By using art to express his feelings, we were all able to appreciate his talent and the challenges he is working to overcome.”

Calvert Reconnections is the UK’s first acquired brain injury (ABI) rehabilitation centre combining traditional clinical therapies with physical activity in the outdoors.

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