Referrals Process

Calvert Reconnections offers rehabilitation for adults who demonstrate rehabilitation potential and who wish to actively engage with us. Creating successful pathways back into everyday life is a collective effort. So we encourage prospective participants, their family, carers and external support team to visit us here in the Lake District; take a tour of our facilities, see where the participant would be living, and get a feel for the types of activities they might engage with.

Each participant undergoes a referral and admission process which takes into consideration their physical, mental and emotional strengths. Each client’s needs and goals are clearly defined in order to design an effective plan from joining us to returning home.

Referral Criteria for
Calvert Reconnections

  • Individual has an acquired brain injury
  • Desire to engage in specialist residential rehabilitation programme
  • Medically stable
  • 17 years +
  • Consent to brain injury rehabilitation at a residential service
  • Funding for a residential placement has been approved
  • Onward plans in place prior to the commencement of the rehabilitation programme

We encourage anyone making a referral to visit the Calvert Reconnections Centre and meet our team to find out more about our unique service and beautiful location.


The Referrals Process

Step 1

We suggest that our online referral form is completed as a starting point, so we can contact whoever is making the referral with more information about the service we offer at Calvert Reconnections.


Step 2

Once we have contacted the referrer and gathered more information, we can organise a clinical screening assessment to discuss current abilities, challenges and rehabilitative aspirations. This is usually done where the individual is currently living but given the current situation with COVID-19, this may need to be done remotely.

 The team will require written consent to proceed with the referral and to liaise with appropriate professionals / organisations in order to obtain the necessary information required for our specialist rehabilitation.

Step 3

Once the assessment is complete and we have agreed that a residential placement at Calvert Reconnections is clinically appropriate, a rehabilitation programme will be developed by our Clinical Lead, relevant clinicians, and with the individual and their family. All aspects of the rehabilitation programme will be COVID-19 compliant.

The rehabilitation programme will identify the suggested duration of residential placement, a potential start date, any additional support requirements and the cost of the programme. Once funding confirmation is received a start date can be agreed.

The health and safety of our clients and staff is a priority. In light of COVID-19 we are continuously reviewing and implementing procedures based on the latest guidance issued by the government and the NHS.

Step 4

Upon arrival at the service, the initial two-week period will provide opportunity for comprehensive inter-disciplinary assessment. The rehabilitation programme will be tailored to the individual, and reviewed regularly to ensure that individual needs are safely and effectively supported, around personal goals that are achievable.

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