Roger suffered a severe stroke following a hip replacement operation in 2019, which left him unable to walk.

During his stay at Calvert Reconnections, Roger’s programme focused on physical and cognitive rehabilitation alongside daily living skills.

His rehabilitation goals, achieved through a combination of functional and outdoor activities integrated with clinical therapy, included improving mobility, increasing insight into physical fatigue, building on independent living skills and establishing a regular daily routine.

Roger worked closely with the Occupational Therapy team and Neuro Rehabilitation Coaches to become more independent with personal care and activities of daily living again. He was also supported to develop improved self-awareness, fatigue management, organisation and time management skills.

“My first goal at Reconnections was to improve my walking,” explained Roger. “By the end of my stay, I was walking a kilometre every day.”

As a result of Rogert’s rehabilitation programme, his mobility vastly improved and he was soon able to walk on uneven surfaces and go up and down flights of steps and stairs.

As well as walking, Roger cycled to improve his balance, lower limb strength and cardio-vascular fitness while canoeing helped with his core strength and stability.

Roger also benefitted from Reconnections’ Aquatic Therapy programme which enabled him to relearn physical skills without placing too much stress on his body.

Roger has particular praise for the staff at Reconnections.

“They’re real professionals and hugely knowledgeable,” he concluded. “The physios and rehab coaches are always on hand without being intrusive.  Everyone’s success is celebrated. It’s like having a whole new family.”