Inspired neuro-rehabilitation in the Lake District

Rehabilitating cognitive processes

Out and about with fulfilling vocational activity

Rehabilitating cognitive processes

Developing and nurturing inter-personal skills

Out and about with fulfilling vocational activity

Developing and nurturing inter-personal skills

Expert neuro-rehabilitation in a stimulating lakeland environment

Calvert Reconnections is a neuro-rehabilitation centre for people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Based in a specially-adapted residential centre on the outskirts of Keswick in the Lake District, our expert clinical therapy team combines cognitive and physical rehabilitation with vocational and outdoor activities delivered within a unique non-clinical environment.


Personalised care, experience and expertise

Built on over 40 years of expertise, at Calvert Reconnections, we tailor our programmes around the individual needs of our participants, working closely with them to establish their goals and develop a personalised rehabilitation plan that helps achieve them.

An innovative, evidence-based approach

Our approach involves an interdisciplinary team of Neuro Physiotherapists, Occupational, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists and Outdoor Practitioners working together to maximise a participant’s physical and cognitive potential while improving their daily living skills.

People with ABI can sometimes find the set procedures of neuro-rehabilitation too clinical, inflexible and impersonal. Meaning they fall through the gaps and don’t achieve the outcomes they could.

At Calvert Reconnections, we believe in doing things differently. At our unique neuro-rehabilitation centre, we bring together the beauty and benefits of the great outdoors with the very best in person-centred care — delivered in an enjoyable, homely environment that inspires and supports people to become the best they can be.

Helping people find new ways to connect

Acquired Brain Injury is life-changing. It can leave people feeling lost, apprehensive and reliant on others. At Calvert Reconnections, we help people face and embrace their new normal. Enabling them to discover their passion and find new ways to connect. Empowering them to push perceived limitations and become more independent.

Our service ideally suits:

  • Individuals with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
  • Desire to engage in a specialist residential rehabilitation programme
  • Medically stable
  • 17 years +
  • Funding for a residential placement has been considered
  • Onward plans in place prior to the commencement of the rehabilitation programme

Delivering life-changing outcomes

Our latest clinical outcomes report was released in April 2024.

Findings were as follows:

  • ‘Good’ in our first CQC rating
  • 70% of the participants who completed the IROC at admission and discharge, 70% reported an improved sense of purpose and direction in their life
  • 10: we’ve introduced 10 new activities to our rehabilitation programme including music, art, go karting, pool nights and trips to local safari parks
  • 150% increase in occupancy compared to 2022
  • 100% of participants reported a maintained or improved hope for the future
  • The Reconnections team expandd fom 16 to 35 staff members
  • We’ve worked with five external partners to offer participants vocational and volunteering experiences

Participant feedback

“Calvert Reconnections has turned my life around.”

“I feel fitter both mentally and physically. It’s helping me to live a better life.”

“Reconnections has given me the opportunity to achieve my independence.”

“The team at Reconnections is like a whole new family. In the darkest deepest times, you see all the shining stars.”

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