COVID-19 Safety At Calvert Reconnections

COVID-19 Safety

The health, safety and security of our participants, staff and visitors is our highest priority. Please take a moment to take note of how we are providing a safe environment to welcome everyone to our service.

Please note: all COVID-19 policies are based on current UK government guidelines and are being constantly reviewed based on the latest advice.

Please check back here on our COVID-19 update page for the latest information for Calvert Reconnections.

COVID-19 Statement

Calvert Reconnections always has people at the centre of its service. With regards to COVID-19; Trustees, management and staff, working together as a team, will strive, at all times, to implement appropriate measures to reduce the risks from COVID-19 for our staff, guests and visitors at Calvert Reconnections.

To achieve this, we have completed a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and introduced a number of control measures to reduce the risks. The result of this process is that we have invested in various types of equipment and implemented a number of procedures at all of our sites. This will enable us to deliver our rehab programme in a COVID-19 secure setting.

Some of the key control measures include:

  • Our rehab programme is based around participants engaging in outdoor activities, where the risk of transmission is greatly reduced.
  • We have reduced occupancy of our service to 60% to maximise opportunities to follow government physical distancing guidelines. (All participants will have their own private bathroom facilities.)
  • Undertaking regular testing of staff, participants and visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 and periodic swab testing as advised by Public Health England.
  • Ensuring, where appropriate, adequate and effective PPE is made available for all participants and staff.
  • Ensuring that cleaning and sanitising is carried out on a regular basis, to the highest of standards in all areas of Calvert Reconnections.
  • Investment in sanitising stations and equipment, screens, personal protective equipment (PPE), signage and disinfectant sprays.
  • Implementing procedures and protocols where physical distancing cannot be avoided by ensuring appropriate measures/barriers are introduced to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Staff actively supporting participants to follow physical distancing and good hygiene protocols.
  • The Reconnections buildings have open communal spaces with regular cleaning protocols.
  • Ensuring adequate facilities and materials for effective hand washing and hand sanitising are made available for participants, staff and visitors.
  • Ensuring the latest up-to-date information/guidance on COVID-19 from the UK government is made readily available to all participants, staff and visitors in the form of information sharing, regular correspondence with participants, staff and visitors, regular staff meetings and training sessions and ensuring the Calvert Reconnections Website is kept up to date with the latest information and guidance.


The Reconnections senior management team will meet each month to review our Policy and Procedures to ensure they continue to follow government advice as effectively as possible. Ensuring that our charitable aims are being met whilst adapting to the new environment that has, and continues to, develop.


COVID-19 Secure

The following is a list of measures that were already in place, or we have reviewed, showing the adaptations we have already in place in our service, and which we will continually review and update as necessary.

Outdoor Focused Rehab

Reduced Occupancy

Regular Testing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Increased Cleaning Procedures

Team Training

Barriers Where Needed

Sanitinsing Stations

Physical Distancing

Increased Hand Washing

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