People with ABI can often focus on what they have lost, sometimes feeling their challenges are insurmountable and their goals too far away. At Calvert Reconnections, we invite them to try new things, to build upon what they can do, not what they can’t. To recognise their achievements and feel good about themselves. To ensure they leave us in a better place than when they arrived.

Breaking the mould in neuro-rehabilitation

From the office staff who help you through the referral process, to the management team to  the rehabilitation coaches, who deliver this ground-breaking programme – everyone works together to ensure Calvert Reconnections is everything you need it to be!

Our aim is to break the mould in neuro-rehabilitation. To be recognised as leaders in our field. To continue to promote the benefits of combining outdoor activities with high-quality, interdisciplinary neurological care and support. To ensure our individual approach and skills help more people with ABI reach their potential and make a positive difference in as many lives as possible.

Our Team

Our team is made up of Clinical Staff, Rehabilitation Coaches, Trustees, Volunteers and Expert Advisors all working together to help people with ABI achieve their individual goals.

Senior Management Team

Claire Appleton

Claire Appleton

Head of Service

Emma Smith

Registered Manager

Image of Elaine Roberts Senior Occupational Therapist

Elaine Roberts

Senior Occupational Therapist

Clinical Team

Claire Appleton

Ron Siddle

Clinical Psychologist

Anna Cooke

Speech and Language Therapist


Femke van Schelven

Neurological Physiotherapist


Our Expert Advisors

We have been fortunate that since we began our Calvert Reconnections journey, we’ve had the support, expertise and guidance of a panel of experts. Each is a leading light in their particular areas and without their unfailing enthusiasm, insight and inspiration, we would not be where we are now with this exciting project.

Heather Batey

A nationally recognised expert in rehabilitation for brain injured clients.

Professor Mike Barnes

A highly experienced consultant neurologist and consultant in rehabilitation medicine.

Dr Rob Forsyth

A Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University, Rob also combines clinical work with research into child brain injury.

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