Rehabilitation - Our Programme

Our programme at Reconnections is created which the individual at the centre. Our holistic approach to rehabilitation means that sessions doing activity sessions can be linked directly to everyday life.

For example, a canoeing session on the lake can work on organisational skills, time management, balance, co-ordination, team work, communication, memory, sequencing, cognitive as well as physical impairments. all these targeted goals for an individual can be worked on through engagement in outdoor activities.

Below are some examples which build on this idea, with clinical outcomes in mind, and a way of transferring the skills across to everyday life and beyond a stay at Reconnections.

The programme is specific to the individual, tailored to achieve maximum potential of their rehabilitation goals agreed at the start of their stay.

Daily Meeting

The daily meeting happens at a set time during the morning and outlines the plans for all participants for the day. It can be staff or participant lead and will highlight set times and resources allocated. It’s a time for everyone to come together and raise any concerns,

All activities described will have close input from the clinical team, in areas of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and psychology.

Debrief / Reflection

This part of the day can take many forms, from a quick “what did you make of the day?” sort of discussion, through to a much more focused and detailed analysis of what happened during the day and want went well / less well and a plan to improve on this going forward.

Through a combination of clinical observations, session goals and feedback from support staff, the clinical team can challenge and rehabilitate participants in many areas.

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