The Process

What you can expect

Step 1: Pre-Admission Screening Assessment

A screening assessment, based on medical history, reports and progress, will be undertaken by our qualified senior staff to confirm that the programme will be of benefit to the participant, as well as confirming their match to our participant profile. The assessment will underpin an individualised care and rehabilitation plan that will be formally agreed with the participant and their advisors. This plan will identify both the course duration, their start date, any additional support required and the cost of the programme.

The induction process

Step 2: Admission & Assessment

A four-week period of ongoing assessment as part of the admissions process to support the participant in transitioning to the new environment and rehabilitation programme. The screening assessment will be reviewed and the programme further tailored to ensure that individual needs are being met and suitable rehabilitation goals are being set.

The programme

Step 3: Ongoing Rehabilitation Provision

Typically a 10 to 24-week programme of residential rehabilitation tailored to the client’s individual needs and focusing on developing cognitive and executive skills using the Calvert Trust’s unique programme of outdoor challenge. Clients, clinical staff and the Trust’s specialist team of coaches will work together to plan, undertake and maximise the benefits of challenging activities in the unique environment of the Lake District. The focus will be on achieving personal goals and enhancing cognitive and executive skills. Regular reviews and assessment of progress are completed with the senior staff team.


Step 4: Completion and Discharge

In advance of the completion of the programme, the senior staff team will work with the participant to plan for the transition to the next step of their pathway. Achievements, future goals and strategies will be identified as well as options for further support. All parties involved in a client’s rehabilitation will be involved including partners able to support the transition from the Centre to the home / community / work environment.

Follow up

Step 5: Post-Completion

Following completion of the programme and transition from the Centre, participants will be able to access support via an online community managed by the Trust’s senior staff team. Programmes will include transition support back to the home and work environments and here we will look to partner with organisations already working in the home rehabilitation environment, such as REACH. This is an important part of the programme to ensure that skills and progress achieved at Calvert Reconnections are maintained.

    Programme Principles

    As part of the programme, we encourage participants to take part in challenging outdoor activities. We encourage you to learn the skills associated with an activity, regularly repeat those skills, practise the skills in new settings and locations and teach others those skills. Increasingly we focus on developing your own ability in a particular activity and passing on those skills to others. We regularly review your progress in these areas, celebrate success and help you better understand how the skills and techniques can be transferred to other situations.

    Developing Practical Independence and Social Skills

    In addition to the outdoor activity programme, we use one day a week to develop the practical skills needed to live independently. We encourage and support you to clean your rooms, do the laundry, create (hopefully delicious!) weekly menus and shop for food as well as learn to repair and maintain equipment.


    Rest Days

    We know that taking part in a weekly programme of activities is physically and cognitively tiring. So we build rest days into the weekly programme and our support staff keep a close eye on all participants to make sure no one gets too tired. During rest days, supervision will continue to be in place with the senior staff team identifying what clients are able to do independently as part of their rehabilitation plan.

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